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A responsive web design is now an important element of every website for a number of reasons; the best responsive web design not only automatically adjusts itself for every popular screen shape and size, it's also a ranking signal for popular search engines.

The lion’s share of website traffic today is coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All of this translates into an immediate need for your business to move forward with a responsive website redesign, or fall under the Google bus.

Responsive Website Development

Since the arrival of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the call for responsive web design has been a long time coming. Before responsive web design made its debut, entire website page templates had to be created specifically for each unique device –neither reasonable nor cost-effective, responsive web design can now “future proof” your website.

And it is easy to identify a website that has leveraged responsive website development – simply drag the corner of a browser window and shrink the size of it. A sophisticated responsive user interface will adapt itself and content blocks will shift around to accommodate the changing space. Does your website do that?

Responsive web design is a powerful solution which serves as one-size-fits-all-platforms answer delivering mobile-friendly websites and applications. 

Why opt for a responsive user interface?

There are a growing number of businesses looking at their website analytics and seeing a steadily growing number of visitors using mobile devices. As traffic from mobile devices eclipses that of PC desktops, it has become a must for internet marketers migrate to a responsive website.

These are the two main benefits of having a responsive interface:

  • Low implementation cost- If your existing website operates well, then redesigning your existing layout to respond to different mobile devices will be the cheapest and most effective solution.
  • Only one application to maintain - Building a separate “mobile version” of your website just doesn't make fiscal sense anymore –one change means changing two standalone layouts, and it still doesn't ensure search engine “friendliness” or that this method will still look great cross-platform.
  • Having a responsive website means you only have one software application to maintain allowing you to save on costs every time you make a change to your corporate website.

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