eCommerce Website Development

Finding a company that can design & deliver e-commerce web applications can be tough, even in today's highly competitive online marketplace.

Corporate Interactive understands what it takes to make your business processes flow seemlessly from the online user experience to back-office workflow, we have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.


We listen to your ideas - and help to grow, refine and define them further into a unique solution that is immersive, highly usable and absolutely focused on your objectives.

Your vision and your audience's needs are the two most important aspects of building a successful solution.

Our valuable scoping and discovery sessions are essential to the development of a bulletproof strategy to see your solution flow seamlessly from concept, to development and on to market sales.

Creative User Centric Design

Without a compelling design, your customers may leave your website before they have a chance to learn about the products or services you sell. After all, making a good first impression is as important online as it is offline.

Unfortunately, many e-commerce website development companies fail to walk the fine line between creating an attractive design and keeping the design conservative enough that it will not compete with the products for attention.

The main goal is to sell your products or services - if the design is too flashy, it could adversely impact your conversion of visitors to sales.

Shopping Cart

Few online retailers realise how many sales they lose simply because their checkout system frustrates customers.

Corporate Interactive understand how to implement an optimal checkout process that will increase conversions.


Freight Calculators

Corporate Interactive have developed a wide variety of freight calculators, that allow customers to calculate shipping costs by carrier or delivery distance.

This type of technology gives your customer the convenience of knowing exactly how much they'll be paying for delivery, giving them peace of mind that there will be no "hidden" costs.

Whatever you sell, shoes, handbags, or laptops, Corporate Interactive has the experience to meet your needs.


Online Payments

Choosing the right payment system is an important step in ecommerce.  There are many payment systems to choose from, and payment vendor fees differ as much as the technology they push.

We can advise and implement the best type of payment gateway for your ecommerce site, job done.

Launching eCommerce

Launching a powerful, attractively designed ecommerce website is only half the battle. To start seeing sales, you'll have to utilize every internet marketing strategy available to get the word out about your business and attract potential customers to your website.

While SEO campaigns and paid search traffic can deliver significant results, e-mail marketing (or loyalty programs) can offer even greater exposure, sometimes doubling website traffic. 

Like you, we know that behind the screens lies a complex IT infrastructure which requires serious technical know-how. We understand security compliance requirements; mobile architecture and deployment; delivery, service and support structures.

Our technical architects have decades of experience with big data warehouses, ERP, CRM, analytics and cloud-based services. We speak your language. Problem solved.

Integration to Back Office Systems

Meaningful web-content is the key to highly engaging customer experiences and the magic ingredient that keeps them coming back. Harnessing data from ERP & CRM software; creating two way commincation between a web application and your back-office: that's data integration, and we're experts at it.

Data Integration can be a significant cost factor in any application. Managing data flow between online processes and your normal back-office processing is a critical (and frequently overlooked) element of any successful ecommerce project.

We understand data integration and how to make it work the hardest for you.

Search Engine Success

Search engine optimsation can mean the difference between a successful e-commerce website development project and one that simply doesn't work. It's a fact: when consumers want to buy a product, they often turn to the search engines for help.

If your website doesn't show in the first page of results, you're missing out on potential sales.

Corporate Interactive keeps its fingers on the pulse of Google's ever-changing algorithms, changing its approach as needed to create SEO friendly, e-commerce web development strategies. By starting with an optimised website, you can augment your marketing efforts and ensure that your online marketing campaign gets results.

Content Management

Meaningful content is the key to highly engaging customer experiences and the magic ingredient that keeps them coming back. Harnessing content from diverse sources, distributing it across multiple channels and bringing order to the chaos in between: that's content management, and we're experts at it.

Data feeds, digital audio/video and integration with legacy data systems is all a part of it; so too are analytics and reporting. Most importantly, content can be a significant cost factor in any application. Managing content is a critical (and frequently overlooked) element of any successful ecommerce project. We understand content and how to make it work for you.

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