GDS Integration - Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport

Corporate Interactive provide software applications and custom software development services that work with all the global GDS suppliers and many mid-office providers. 

Interactive Itineraries

In the video below we take a closer look at the Sabre SAM mid-office solution used by many of our clients. However, our team can integrate to Sabre, Amadeus,  Travelport, Tramada, Rezdy and more


Making a powerful Interactive Itinerary

Corporate Interactive create powerful, ongoing communication between your travel agency and your clients.  Our software engineers and creative designers create stunning, "interactive" itineraries that will give your customers valuable information to make their journey more enjoyable.

We turn itineraries into powerful marketing tools. We create PDF and HTML versions of your Itineraries, by extracting data from your GDS or Mid-office and complimenting this with content services from 3rd party organisations.  

The result is a tailor made Initerary layout, with travel information presented how you want it done, and complimented with other information that relates to your customers travel booking, such as Google Maps for directions to their hotel, the current weather forecast, current exchange rates, safety information about the areas visited, upselling other travel arrangements, such as hotels, travel insurance, car hire and more. 

Integration to GDS or Mid-Office Travel Booking Systems

Using Corporate Interactive's integrated publishing platform, our clients are able to unlock existing travel data held within your mid-office or GDS. 

Corporate Interactive's integration with your GDS or Mid-office system allows all travel documents it serves to be securely viewed externally. 

Rules Engine

The client matrix in our software system is a rules-based engine which allows us to create client-specific workflows for travel documents served by your GDS or Mid-Office system.

One client may require costing data to be aggregated in Excel and sent to the finance department, another may require itinerary information to be sent to another system or individual and another client may want both. The client matrix enables any custom rules and workflow to be executed for each individual client. 

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