Customer Care

Generally speaking, every technology-based project faces risks and issues that may arise throughout the process.

Corporate Interactive works hard to identify key challenges throughout the software development process, starting with early project planning right through to the pre-live stages of the production cycle.

Expert Advice

Our team of dedicated client relationship managers offer one-on-one problem-solving sessions at your convenience.

If you're looking for expert advice or further understanding of a complex topic, contact Corporate Interactive to book a session.

Crush the Learning Curve

Corporate Interactive understands the challenges a new tool can create, no matter how effective that solution is. As a result of this understanding, our personal trainers are available to help you and your team understand exactly how your new software works.

We understand that user-acceptance is a key component of project success, and we're here to make your software adoption simple and enjoyable

Service and Support

We offer service contracts to provide ongoing general support as your insurance policy. Every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges; complex integrations, third-party technologies, and 24/7 uptime are commonplace.

Corporate Interactive can tailor a service contract around your requirements to ensure you're always up and consistently functional.

Every project produced by Corporate Interactive comes with our professional advice, enterprise-level service support, and wisdom that encompasses every facet of the software industry.

Free Support

Once your project goes live, Corporate Interactive provides its clients with 30 days of free telephone support and access to our technical help desk.

With the purchase of a Software Maintenance Plan, it is possible to extend your support coverage for the entire life of your software product.

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