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Does your next project require custom software development to effectively engage your corporate audience? That’s us.

Do your business processes demand integration with existing back-end systems? Corporate Interactive will deliver.

Corporate Interactive is a software development company which approaches each project with a focus on quality, detail, transparency, and dedicated project management.              

Agile Software Development

Software development companies have traditionally approached software project management with the Waterfall Approach, a well-established albeit risky, expensive, and out-dated method of managing software projects.

The Waterfall process is best characterised by dictating all project specifications up front and then adhering to a pre-defined planning document until the final piece of web-based software is shared with the client. According to a UK study based on 1,027 Waterfall-based projects, 87% were unsuccessful.

The single largest contributing factor for failure was the Waterfall-style scope management process used, which was cited in 82% of all projects that fell short as the leading cause of their failure. (Source: Craig Larson - Agile and Iterative Development: A Managers Guide published by Addison-Wesley Professional).

The Waterfall process works more like a freight-train from start to finish without the ability to change direction mid-stream –whereas Agile Software Development allows for flexible, transparent client involvement and embraces changes that may arise over the course of a given project. This is accomplished through an organised iterative approach, and by its nature allows for a structured process, fixed price, and fixed timelines. 

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Custom Software Development for Business

Corporate Interactive offers the best software development in London. If you require highly advanced manual processes to be effectively computerised and handled by custom software but can't find off-the-shelf-software to facilitate, contact Corporate Interactive.

For many software development companies, delivering reliable integration with existing back-end systems and cross-platform software from desktop to mobile is a difficult feat. Corporate Interactive has a proven track record for delivering to the unique specification of a wide range of enterprise-level companies –and we can prove it.

Corporate Interactive has an impressive portfolio showing their works with big name companies such as Google, Telstra, HTC, BMW, and Samsonite.

Contact us to find out more about how Corporate Interactive's highly skilled team can develop next-generation infrastructure for your business. You'll appreciate our keen eye for detail, complete transparency, and dedicated project management staff. 

A Software Development Company offering Database Applications

Stop relying on spreadsheets to work through internal business processes and eliminate the glass ceiling of out-dated technology when working simultaneously with other people on the same data.

Corporate Interactive creates purpose-built database solutions that everyone can access in real-time, online. Integrate your existing back-end systems and give your current software a web-based face lift with the help of our highly-skilled team of software development UK professionals and dedicated project management resources.

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eCommerce Web Development

Locating a software development vendor that offers top-tier, scalable e-commerce web development solutions is no simple task, regardless of the number of options available in the software development market. Too many web development companies simply don't realise that ecommerce web development should take a holistic approach which encompasses an entire system, from inside and out; in plain English –that means third-party integration to front end web design. Corporate Interactive knows that reliability and uptime are everything. Let us help you stand out in the crowd and get your ecommerce project done right.

All-Encompassing eCommerce

Thoughtful web content is the axis of deeply engaging client experiences. It is the central ingredient proven to keep them returning for more.

Leveraging information from your company's ERP, CRM, or POS system by implementing two-way communication from a web-based application to your back-office and back again – that's true systems integration, and we have a proven track record for results.

Data Integration is a key budgetary factor in a software integration project. Managing data communication from online processes to your typical manual processing is a complexity that is often avoided or missed element of a complete ecommerce custom software development engagement.

Corporate Interactive understands complex integration and how to empower your existing systems to do more of the heavy lifting so your staff can put their energy elsewhere.

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GDS Integration - Sabre case study

Using Corporate Interactive's integrated publishing platform, you can unlock your travel data held within any GDS.

The current iteration for our web-based platform works cohesively with Sabre Agency Manager (SAM) and creates the possibility for client specific content to be published in formats never before allowed within Sabre.

We are the first company on the entire planet to integrate with Sabre in such a way. Our integration with Sabre provides new functionality which will allow all travel documents and data to be securely available on the internet. Our home-grown software solution is able to adjust and change the data in any way your business requires. Simply put; publish documents “downstream” in any structure or format you wish. 

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Software Application Development for Smartphones

Corporate Interactive can build your mobile application from concept to completion, no matter where you are currently in the process. From the preliminary brainstorming phase or identification of a new business need, Corporate Interactive can reliably hold your hand through concept evolution to the development of your entire strategy.

If your business requires a software-based infrastructure that is linked to existing systems and fully mobile, we have you covered.

Corporate Interactive is a pioneer in the software industry, capable of creating complex systems which can serve data via one or many mobile platforms. Our customers love our transparent approach and dedicated project management they can trust.

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mobile application development

Committed Support

Software project mis-management is a slippery slope that can be catastrophic for business –just ask any company which has suffered a massive data breach.

In early pre-live stages of the development our aim is to identify and resolve hidden problems and complexities before they arise and create unique support options for the individual needs of our clients.

Let Corporate Interactive serve as your insurance policy; we provide on-going general support contracts which will guarantee quick response times and quick turnaround to give you peace of mind.

Professional advice and premiere service support are baked into every project we touch.

Business revenue is a language we speak, too. Before any design fads or opinions we put your business objectives first.

We ask the right questions, evaluate the goals of both your business and the end user –always taking an open-door approach for other perspectives. Corporate Interactive proudly fosters an environment where only “fat-free” purpose-built solutions and the expectations of our clients are exceeded. We've been in the web design and software business since 2001 and it shows with every project we plan, manage, and deploy.

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Web Development for Business

Learn how everyday business processes can be converted into automated tasks handled by software, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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Purpose-Driven Software Development 

Create custom software that is built to your specification, as opposed to trying to force your business processes to bend for a bulky software application.

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Develop new software solutions to solve inefficiency in your workplace, or build new ideas.

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