Skills & Capabilities

Corporate Interactive provides a widely varied range of technical understanding and experience. We thoughtfully evaluate the end user, ask the right questions, and always have room for a different perspective.

Corporate Interactive generously fosters an environment which encourages creative thinking to allow unique, client-specific solutions to boil up to the surface (and onto the boardroom table).

Software Strategy

You speak, and we listen; Corporate Interactive specialises in simplifying complex challenges through nurturing ideas and defining them in a way that every stakeholder can understand.

Once everyone is on the same page, it's easy to tailor an immersive, customised solution around your unique, complex business requirements.

We accomplish this through the work of our diverse team which also includes members who are well versed with systems and business analysis, strategic business consultation, identifying and defining requirements, data architecture, and data modelling.


Creative Design Services

The most successful applications on the software market are often beautiful to look at and are packed with features –but that isn't why they succeed.

A balance between creative services, user interface design, and features is absolutely mandatory for the success of any software project.

The hallmark of any highly engaging user experience is the marriage between aesthetics and function.

Software Development

The structure of a database and the way a piece of software is functionally designed go hand in hand. Through competent discovery and scoping methods, Corporate Interactive can effectively create a bulletproof road map to see your software application through from concept to completion.

It takes a lot of talented people to make a successful software application:

Front-end and back-end programmers, process testers, user interface designers and testers, and application integrators. The central technologies used include Java, PHP, .NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, XML, Objective C, PhoneGap, Unix, and beyond!

Software Integration

To enhance the visibility of your organisation, our team of highly skilled IT professionals will analyse and identify the best way to make various systems "talk" to each other.

From your back office database(s) to the front end of your website, all of the moving parts that drive your business will hum together.

Corporate Interactive can integrate a vast library of software into back office systems and back again. From ERP to POS, we've got you covered.

Testing Software

It takes more than one type of software testing to help get a project out the door and into the wild, and we know all of them.

Testing processes, units, data integrity, performance, cross-browser compatibility, across devices, and a whole lot more will ensure that when your software is implemented and live, it'll work without a hitch.

Software Implementation

Delivering a sexy, functional application is merely half the challenge; to get the ROI you're looking for with any software project you'll have to ensure your team knows how to use it, and measure the effect it has on your business.

From personal systems training to friendly client engagement, Corporate Interactive speaks the language of your business.

Ongoing Support

Mitigate the risk and uncertainty that often comes with new technical endeavours; purchase a support contract from Corporate Interactive.

We have a number of options to tailor your own unique technical support contract, and we offer free telephone support for 30 days after implementation.

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