Finding a partner that can create & develop successful e-commerce solutions which tightly integrate with ERP solutions can be difficult.

Many providers fall-down when it comes to looking at the bigger picture - ensuring the end-to-end system from front to mid to back-office are all considered and SCO (Sales Conversion Optimisation) is included in every discussion.

Corporate Interactive understands how to automate your business workflows, how to ensure each department involved has a seamless experience and provide appropriate information and tools along the way.


Integrated eCommerce (Business One, SAP)

Strategic Partnership

Corporate Interactive has been been working strategically with Leverage Technologies for Business One solutions for many years. This aggregation of company knowledge creates SAP Business One companies with the best minds available. Together we offer over 25 years experience providing development in the ERP software sector. 

Leverage Technology provide subject matter experts to help SAP Business One clients with the right knowledge and education services.

Corporate Interactive provide software solutions using our proven Agile project management methodology. We also have extensive software libraries and business systems experience from extensive enterprise experience.

Software Development Platform

Our goal is straightforward; we want to make your business succeed. We will work closely with you, looking at your internal business, your clients and your processes. Our approach ensures we are always open to listen to new ideas. We like to create an environment were unique multi-discipline solutions can become a reality and exceed our customers expectations.

Most eCommerce providers don't look at the entire end-to-end system, it's not much use having one part of the process work very effectively, all parts of the business need to work in a synchronized efficient manner.

Online eCommerce Payments

Few retailers know how many sales are lost due to simple checkout frustrations. Corporate Interactive offer a simple-to-use checkout system that concentrates on sales conversion, collecting important data at every step for reporting and customer loyalty programs.

You will see in-depth information showing every step of the check out process and where transactions were abandoned; this feature gives you hugely valuable data as shopping cart abandonment, when managed correctly, can increase your bottom line dramatically.

Freight Calculation Integration

We have integration with a number of industry leading freight calculators, allowing customers to calculate exact shipping costs by provider and distance. This technology provides your clients with the convenience and exact costing for delivery at checkout, ensuring peace of mind from "hidden" costs. Whatever you sell, wine, bags, or computers, Corporate Interactive and Leverage Technologies have the knowledge to help.

Whether you want freight calculations performed in your front-office web-application or retrieved from your back office SAP Business One; we understand, and can provide an end-to-end solution.

Data Integration Services

Meaningful content is the key to ensuring a great customer experience and the magical ingredient that means they will come back. Harnessing data from SAP Business One; creating bi-directional communication between web applications and back-office systems: that's enterprise level data integration, and we're do it every day.

Data Integration is not simple and is a major cost factor in any project. Managing the data flowing between online systems and existing back-office platforms is a critical (and frequently ignored) major component of any ecommerce solution.

We have extensive knowledge surrounding data integration and how to ensure it works for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Success

SEO can mean the difference between a successful SAP Business One e-commerce solution and one that fails. 9 times out of 10 a consumer will research a product via a search engine for help.

If you don't show up in these results then you will have no chance of winning that consumers business - it's as simple as that.


Bespoke Solutions

SAP Business One cannot always solve every problem for you, your business is unique as are your company challenges. Often these cannot be resolved by an off the shelf solution, or you want to use your SAP data online for customers & suppliers; in this case you will need some custom development that integrates directly with your ERP system.

We listen to your problems - and help resolve them, offer multiple ideas, and work with you to find the single best way forward which needs to be cost effective and efficient with your business objectives in mind.

Our experience and understanding are the two most important attributes for creating a successful solution for you. Our project management and workshop/discovery sessions are essential to the creation of a perfectly designed solution.

Create Effective Workflows

It is of course no surprise that some of the largest international companies create silos of through extensive use of spreadsheets which can become mission critical before you know it. Although these can be a quick solution to an immediate problem they also quickly become an issue for the business.

We ensure data in spreadsheets can be shared through a purpose built platform. Enable appropriate security access to data and validate all entries coming into the system.  


Business Applications

Web platforms are not just a website for advertising your products and services. These days they are are serious business tools - sometimes they are the entire business! At Corporate Interactive, we have extensive experience providing solutions for government and corporate customers; including mission-critical systems that integrate to back-office systems such as ERP, CRM, or Point-of-Sale. In this situations platform failure is not possible, data is shared in realtime and makes or breaks a company. We understand.

We know that infrastructure has to be bullet proof. We know security and compliance are of utmost importance and independant checking is required. Our senior architects have extensive experience with big data (data warehouse), ERP & CRM - we know what it takes and how to integrate them. We can speak your language.

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