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New Publishing Platform released !


Corporate Interactive have released v4 of the TMC Publishing Platform. It now integrates with all the major GDS providers (Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport) and several mid-office systems. 

Using the Corporate Interactive Travel Publishing Platform (TPP), you can integrate your client?s travel data with any web accessible system.

GDS data -> Transform -> Publish



Using the Corporate Interactive Travel Publishing Platform (TPP), you can  integrate your client's travel data with any web (API) accessible system:


The rules engine passes each client?s data through a series of  data transformation actions. These are executed automatically,  processing the data as required. Rules can be simple  mathematical functions, such as aggregating costs, through to  complex multi-system decision-making processes.


Lastly the CI platform publishes the data through pre-configured  output channel(s), in the appropriate format; XML, JSON, SOAP,  SMTP, iCal, PDF, Word, CSV.

The platform is now far more flexible and capable of interacting with more systems than ever before.

The soluton was designed specifically for the Travel Industry however we are in discussions with several clients to utilise the same rules engine and omni-channel document publishing technology in new and exciting ways. If you have any workflow/document publishing requirements this solution could work for you - please contact us for further information.



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