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Multi-GDS ? No problem.


The Corporate Interactive travel suite of products now integrates across all major GDS providers:

  • Amadeus
  • Sabre
  • TravelPort

This is a great step forwards for CI as we are now able to work with any TMC including those organisations which use multiple GDS's.

We incorporate the powerful itinerary/segment/company/traveller data offered by the GDS or mid-office into a custom software application that can change the way you run your travel business. Our engineers and designers create stunning, interactive itineraries that can provide your customers with valuable data at all points of their trip on any device. 

Our travel related solutions provide the following benefits:

Multi-channel publish   

Any device/any format

Up-sell / cross-sell

Rules based product and content injection

High touch – retain contact throughout trip

Geo and time based content


PUSH, SMS and email alerts

Interactive components always up-to-date

Cost saving


Automation – no manual intervention

Personalized service

Client specific


Consistent branding across all mediums


To other client & agency systems such as CRM, ERP

We turn itineraries into powerful marketing tools. Make personalised offers, cross-sale opportunities, and more dollars spent per client. And itineraries are only the beginning. Worried about your duty of care, or got an idea for a custom app? We'll design and build apps to meet your needs. If you're ready to take the next step in your business, contact Corporate Interactive today 02032 877 622.




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