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DataCloud - SaaS database in the cloud coming soon


DataCloud - Data management in the cloud; a database, an administration portal, an asset management platform and so much more...

Corporate Interactive have been working with business software and databases for over 15years. Traditionally we have been using SQL Server and MySQL databases to develop custom software for our clients various solutions. In more recent times the ability to deploy quickly, scale on demand and offer technology agnostic services has become a reality. Due to these reasons [and many others] we have started a new internal project called "DataCloud".

This will be a multi-tenant, technology agnostic, data management system in the cloud. It will become the back bone for all our future solutions and allow us to partner with far more clients and technologists.

Over the next few months we will be publishing a software development guide including an open source API and SDK. Using the DataCloud at the back-end and our client focussed API you will be able to create any enterprise grade business solution quickly and in a more robust fashion than ever before.

Watch this space for new press releases as they become available...  



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